Progressive & thoughtful Christianity

  It is exam time coming fast so once again there is a study hall at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Click for Location). Beginning Monday and continuing through Wednesday May 13, St. Mark’s will open up their facilities from noon until about 10 pm (Saturday and Sunday will have shortened hours). Strada, Starbucks, and the Library too crowded? Roommates too noisy? St. Mark’s has free coffee, airbears, snacks, and plenty of space.

This week is our last worship and lunch at the Women’s Faculty Club. Learn more on our Thursdays page . Good luck with exams all you studious bears!

University Chapel  (click for location) is the campus ministry site for the Episcopal and Lutheran Churches in Berkeley — but we’re more than that.  We strive to be a home for students and young adults who are looking for a way to connect sacred stories, meaningful rituals and contemporary life.

This is why we have created a space which is progressive and thoughtful in which to celebrate “ancient traditions, intellectual curiosity, and hopeful faith.

Throughout the year we also have many other ways to connect you with friends, spiritual growth and meaning in a busy student life.

University Chapel openly celebrates and welcomes diversity of all sorts and affirms that queerness and sexual orientations are not a hindrance and can enhance living out the Christian life.

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